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What Festivals Are Coming Up in 2016 in Killeen, TX?

What Festivals Are Coming Up in 2016 in Killeen, TX?

Killeen, TX is a very popular city to visit in the Texas region. It is a location that offers something for the entire family to enjoy. It is known for a friendly atmosphere and amazing food, but there is so much more to Killeen, TX than what meets the eye. One thing that you can expect when you visit this city is to be amazed by the many events that are going on all year long. Killeen is known for having countless festivals each year. No matter what your interest may be, you are sure to find a festival or two that appeals to you.

Here are more details involving a few of the most popular festivals being held in Killeen, TX in 2016:

Food Truck Fridays

One of the things that Killeen, Tx is quickly becoming known for is Food Truck Fridays. This is an event that is held every Friday throughout the year, It is when food trucks line the streets and allow people to try out some of their favorite foods. There are many different types of cuisines that you can choose from and it can be fun for the entire family. Food Truck Fridays is quickly becoming a popular event in Killeen each week and will be a part of the schedule for the 2016 calendar year.

Shrine Circus

The Shrine Circus is also an event held in Killeen that gets a lot of attention. This is a Circus that is known for being one the very best shows in the country. If you are looking for an event that is perfect for the entire family, this is something that you need to check out. They have dates in Killeen all year long and are one of the most popular circus acts that will not disappoint. The Shrine circus is famous and Texas and will be visiting Killeen this year. Make sure that you get your tickets in advance to ensure that you have great seats for the amazing show.


Killeen might be known for food and entertainment, but it is also a hotspot for great music. If you are looking for the perfect location for a getaway, you can choose to visit when the music festivals are taking place. This year, June is the time when the biggest musical acts will be making their appearance in Killeen, TX.

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Where to Go For New Years Parties in Killeen, TX

Where to Go For New Years Parties in Killeen, TX

The New Year is a time for celebration. It is when you should spend time with those that you are closest to and ring in the new year in style. If you are going to be in Killeen, TX for the New Year, there are a number of locations that you can check out for New Years. It seems like just about every hot spot in Killeen is hosting a New Years party. If you want to be sure that you start the New Year off the right way, you should check out the parties that are sure to excite.

Here ate a few of the places that you should spend New Years in Killeen, Texas:

Club Rain

If you are looking for a fun way to ring in the New Year, you can’t miss out on et party being held at Club Rain. This club is located directly in the heart of Killeen, Texas and is known for having one of the most popular New Years parties in all of Texas. It is a party that is sure to bring out people from all over and they always have a popular band playing to get the party started. You are sure to have a night to remember if you spend your New Year at Club Rain. Tickets for this night are exclusive, so be sure to book ahead. You want to be sure that you get in the door and are not stuck outside when the party gets going.


If you are looking to have more of a festive New Year, you might want to check out this bar. This is a popular location with locals of Killeen, TX and a place where quite a bit of New Years excitement will be taking place. The vibe will be a bit more relaxed than at other parties, but it can be the perfect location for having a great New Years night. If you are looking to switch things up a bit, this is the place to visit.

New Years is one of the most popular nights to go out. It is time that you checked out Killeen, Texas on one of the most fun nights of the year. You are sure to have many parties to choose from, but there are a few that are better than the rest.

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Check Out Nature in Lights in Killeen, TX

Check Out Nature in Lights in Killeen, TX

If you are looking for amazing event to check out, it is time to learn more about the Mature in Lights show taking place in Killeen, TX. The holidays are a time of year when you can see amazing sights and spend time with loved ones. You can combine two of these favorite activities by taking a trip to the Nature in Lights show. Tickets for this event are designed to be affordable and it is the perfect occasion for the entire family to spend time together.

Amazing Lights

It really is not the Christmas season until you have seen one of a kind lights on display. The Nature in Lights is a tunnel of lights unlike anything you have seen before. You will be amazed at the sight. You will be able to ride through an area that is lit up with lights as far as the eye can see. It is a holiday tradition in Killeen, TX and now it can be a part of your Christmas routine. The best part about the Nature in Lights display is that everyone of all ages can enjoy the view.


The amount that you will be paying to see the Nature in Lights display will range based on vehicle. This means that if you drive through in a car or truck you will be paying less than if you choose the limo option. Large buses are the most expensive type of vehicle to take through the display and cost about $47. No matter what type of vehicle you choose to go through, you will still get a great price. The prices per vehicle are determined by the number of passengers. This means that vehicles that hold more passengers will cost more. All pricing options are designed to be affordable and this is what makes the Nature in Lights display so popular.

Tradition in Killeen Texas

This is an event in Killeen, TX that has a lot of tradition. The Nature in Lights event has been taking place for more than 16 years. It is a holiday staple in Killeen and a great way to spend a night. If you are looking to visit Killeen during the holiday season, you should plan your trip around the Nature in Lights display. This is one light show that you do not want to miss out on.

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Killeen’s Food Truck Fridays And Why You Shouldn’t Miss It

Killeen’s Food Truck Fridays And Why You Shouldn’t Miss It

With all the different food joints and restaurants at our disposal, it can be quite the challenge to figure out just where to have lunch. It can get monotonous sometimes – having the same old take out every day can get boring, and sometimes, it makes us want to skip lunch all together! But lunch these days has become more than just a meal – lunch has transformed into an experience especially when you head on down to Killeen’s Food Truck Fridays. Here, the options are endless!

What is food truck Friday?

Imagine countless food trucks lined up on Green Avenue offering their latest food innovations for everyone to try. Food truck Friday is a special day when food trucks all over Killeen come together and offer their food options to hungry customers. Basically, food truck Fridays at good ol’ Killeen mean tons and tons of unique dining options that you surely won’t get enough of!

What you should expect

Killeen has been home to countless unique food trucks throughout the years and so someone thought hey, why not put them all together? And so food truck Fridays were born. Walking down the buzzing Green Avenue on a Friday between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. will give you a much better idea of what these special Fridays are all about. It is definitely a gastronomical adventure for any food enthusiast.

As for your food options? They’re endless! From savoury sandwiches, to full on, hearty meals, to sweet desserts, thirst quenching drinks and more, food truck Fridays are definitely the place to be if you want to discover the latest trends in the dining world.

Family fun for everyone

Food truck Fridays aren’t only about the food, it’s about meeting new people and strengthening bonds with family and friends. Food is a great way to develop relationships and food truck Fridays offer just that. With nearly the entire Killeen community all congregated downtown, it’s impossible to go without seeing a familiar face or without meeting a new friend.

So if you’re still wondering where to spend your next lunch out, head on downtown to Killeen’s food truck Friday. Enjoy the family, friends, and the exciting new food experiences guaranteed to make you come back for more every time. Bring the whole gang and have a fun-filled food bonanza at Killeen’s food truck Friday extravaganza!

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Coffee Shops in Killeen

Coffee Shops in Killeen

There’s no doubt about it – coffee shops are the place to be. Whether you’re looking for the perfect place to hang out with a bunch of friends, a quiet place to get your weekend work done, or just a cozy nook to read a book, coffee shops are the best places to go on a budget.

But coffee shops aren’t all the same. Some people prefer a hip, bouncy ambience, and other prefer a more subtle, quite feel. Luckily for Killeen visitors, the city has both… and more!

Breakfast, coffee, and tea

If you travel down to Jasper Drive, you might just come across a quaint little breakfast place that offers the best waffles and coffee in town. If you’re a morning person, then this is definitely the place for you. Drop by after your morning jog, or take a quick coffee break before you head down to your office. The ambience is familiar, and the service is definitely friendly. What’s more, you can grab a bite of their delicious breakfast waffles. Need more than a waffle to jumpstart your day? Then order some chicken wings or a sunny side up egg to go with it. It’s really up to you. They serve breakfast just the way you want it.

Afternoon delight

So, you’re more of a snack person. Well, over on Bunny Trail is a quiet little place that serves the best donuts you ever did see. If you’re more inclined to have your coffee with a sugary snack, and you’re just looking for the perfect place to hang out with a few friends, then this Killeen coffee shop has got you covered. Choose a tasty treat from their wide selection of sugary donuts, and find yourself begging for more. Their specialty donuts are crispy on the outside and oh so soft on the inside, which makes it one of the trail’s main attractions. If you’re more of an afternoon person, then this is definitely the place for you.

Night owl

Over on Lowes Boulevard is one of the hippest places to be. This coffee shop offers great tasting coffee as well as an ambience fit for the night owl. So you’ve just gotten out of class, or you’ve just ended your old 9 to 5. Then head on down to this dinner location to grab a bite and maybe even a book to read. If you’re all about being that bookworm in a coffee shop, then this is the coffee shop Killeen suggests for you.

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Finding Bars in Killeen

Bars in Killeen

So, you’ve decided to spend the night exploring Killeen to find out more about the night life and maybe even get a piece of that beer magic. Killeen is a great place to find new hang out spots especially for those who want a good old beer.

There are lots of places to grab a drink with your friends down at Killeen, and they’re not all the same. If you’re interested in finding the best bar for you, then keep your eyes peeled for the best bars in Killeen.

Happy hour with a hippie twist

Down on Florence Road is a little place best known for its unique ambiance. With the best appetizers in town, this gem is tucked away in the inner streets of Killeen but has built a name for itself among locals. If you’re looking for a cool new place to hang out with your friends, then you should definitely give this place a go. With delicious food, unique beverages, and different people of all ages and backgrounds, it’s definitely more than just another bar. Take your drinking experience to a whole new level with this cool, hip place where you can feel like a real life hippie.

Snazzy sports bar

So you’re looking for something a little more mainstream, that’s no problem! Over on W. Rancier Place, you’ll find one of the hippest places Killeen has to offer. This sports bar is the place to be for all you socialites and groups of friends. Meet new people, enjoy your favourite sport, and have a great beer. You definitely won’t be disappointed with this unique drinking experience. Locals have called it one of the best places to hang out, and it definitely does not disappoint.

Saloon for the old soul

If you’re a little more old timey, and you want to enjoy your beer on a barstool with a kindly bartender nodding to your life stories, then maybe a little place down on Schlueter Loop is the place for you. Its authentic ambience, delicious food choices, and astounding beer make the place a great gem that’s definitely worth the visit.

Killeen is a great place to discover new places. If you’re interested in finding out more about the city, then put on those walking shoes and prowl the streets of Killeen. You’ll never know when you stumble upon the next big trend in food explorations.

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Happenings in October at the Vive Les Arts in Killeen

Happenings in October at the Vive Les Arts in Killeen

Killeen, Texas may have a small town feel but it does not mean that you will run out of things to do in this large city of more than 100,000 people. The city, after all, is home to the Vive Les Arts Theatre, which is a full time arts organization that produces a number of Main Stage and Children’s Theatre every year.

So, what’s happening over at the Vive Les Arts in Killeen this October?

Frankenstein Is Alive!

Yes, you got it right. The VLA will lend its stage to a beautifully directed show of Young Frankenstein. Mitch Baker, who is also joined by musical director Eric Reynolds, hails from San Marcos and while this is his very first VLA directing gig, it certainly does not mean that he does not have any impressive experiences up his sleeve – because he does!

The “Young Frankenstein” is based on the 1974 of the same name which was written by Brooks and Gene Wilder but is basically a parody of horror films with music and lyrics written by Brooks. The show’s script is pretty close to that of the movie’s but with a few minor changes here and there. Young Frankenstein is being sponsored by the All-American Chevrolet of Killeen.

You can catch the show at the VLA Theatre in Young Drive on Oct. 16, 17, 23, 24 at 7pm and on Oct. 18 and 25 at 2pm.

Call for Volunteers

Watching a show on stage is awesome but being part of it is even better. Volunteers are being called to help in the show as backstage crew (stage hands, technical crew, props and props and costume) and front of house (greeters, ushers, tickets and concessions). Volunteer trainings will happen on Oct. 9 at 4pm.

Volunteer opportunities for Young Frankenstein will happen on the following dates:

  • October 15, 5:45 to 9:30 pm
  • October 16, 5:45 to 9:30 pm
  • October 17, 5:45 to 9:30 pm
  • October 18, 12:45 to 4:30 pm
  • October 23, 5:45 to 9:30 pm
  • October 24, 5:45 to 9:30 pm
  • October 18, 12:45 to 4:30 pm

Military Appreciation Night

Military Appreciation Night happens on the Thursday before the opening night of each show and those who are in active duty, retired and even their dependents can watch Young Frankenstein absolutely free as long as a current military ID card is presented upon check-in. Join the free night out and enjoy catered appetizers and concessions at 6:15pm, before the show starts!

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5 Best Places to Watch Sports in Killeen, Texas

5 Best Places to Watch Sports in Killeen, Texas

With the strong military culture in the city, the fact that the city of Killeen is dotted with numerous bars and pubs for everyone is not surprising. One can choose from among many types of clubs to go to – it simply depends on the type of party being hosted or the event being attended. There are places for holding birthdays for adults, bachelor and bachelorette parties and, of course, for simply hanging out with friends – and endless mugs and bottles of beer – while watching sports on live television!

Below are a few suggestions on where to go:

  1. The Beat Sports Bar

This sports bar and karaoke place located in Rancier Plaza is among many locals’ favorite. Its moderate price range is among the many reasons why people love the place aside from its welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Aside from watching sports, one may also do sports here like play the pool.

  1. G&B Billiards and Sports Bar

G&B in Fort Hood Street may be frequented by military soldiers but it does not mean civilians cannot enjoy here, too. In fact, it’s a great place for watching one’s favorite sports live on TV or for hanging out with friends accompanied with a few rounds of beer and a game – or more – in the pool table.

  1. Hooters

Located along the Central Texas Expressway, the Hooters branch in Killeen is another great place for watching sports live. Its menu is moderately priced and one is served with American classics such as salads, wings, chili cheese fries and buffalo shrimp, among many others. What’s a better way to watch live sports with friends than being served with delicious, ice cold beer by sexy waitresses?

  1. Jokers Icehouse Bar and Grill

Another awesome sports bar to check out in Killeen is Jokers, located in Clear Creek Road. It is the perfect place for watching live sports on TV with friends and beer. Aside from the full bar, there place also has a patio with live music, picnic tables and area for playing pool. Everyone is definitely welcome here!

  1. Red’s Corner Grill

When one enters Red’s Corner Grill, they are pretty sure they just came into a sports bar. There are numerous televisions mounted all over the place and the food comes in big portions and great prices which is definitely a big plus. Great beer, great food and great ambience are what you are sure to get here.

Wherever one may be in Killeen, Texas, they are sure to find the perfect local sports bar that suit them best.

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Top Multicultural Restaurants in Killeen

Top Multicultural Restaurants in Killeen

This big city with a population of 100,000 may feel very small town-ish but you certainly will not run out of places to go or even restaurants to eat at. As a military city, it is not surprising why Killeen is dotted with bars and pubs offering traditional American fare but if you are in for something new and adventurous, you can always try one of their many multicultural restaurants.

Here are a few places you should check out:

Red Onion India Bistro

Located by the Central Texas Expressway, the Red Onion offers a variety of Indian cuisines such as curries and the popular Tikka Masala. You can also enjoy your favorite chai tea here or join in on the daily lunch buffet which is priced very reasonably.

Taiwan Dragon Chinese Restaurant

A lot of diners frequent Chinese spot located in E Avenue because of its great food. The modest, family-run restaurant offers Sichuan and Hunan style dishes and they are always served hot. The prices are in the modest range so it is basically a great deal to eat here.

Little Italy

For a taste of Italy right in Fort Hood Street, you can head on over to Little Italy where the best Italian desserts are being served. Loyal customers of the place love that the servers are very friendly and quick which is really just an added bonus to the fact that they serve the best Italian food in Killeen.

Korean Kitchen

If you feel like missing Korean food, why not take a drive to the Korean Kitchen found at the Veterans Memorial Boulevard? It is a great place to eat lunch and dinner and good food is always served in your table. This family-run dining place is racking up quite a lot of positive reviews both from new and old customers.

Taqueria Mexico Lindo

Tacos, fajitas – whatever Mexican food you might be craving for right now, Taqueria Mexico Lindo has it all for you. This Mexican place can be found in Fort Hood Street and has among the most authentic Mexican food in all of Killeen. Go now – and be surprised of the generous fillings that are served!

Texas Roadhouse Restaurant

Of course, nothing beats homegrown meals which are what the Texas Roadhouse has to offer. Found along the Central Texas Expressway, the restaurant is among the best places to enjoy a great steak in Killeen. If meat is what you are looking for, head on over to this place!

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Upcoming Events This Fall in Killeen

Upcoming Events This Fall in Killeen

There are some cities throughout the country that are known for just one thing, but Killeen, TX is not one of them. Killeen might be one of the largest military bases, but there is far more to do in see in this city than just check out the military history and tradition. There are quite a few events that take place every year in Killeen that draw in tourists. Fall is the most popular season for tourists to come check out all that Killeen has to offer. Before you plan your next trip, it might be a good idea to learn more about the upcoming events in Killeen this fall.

Here are a few upcoming events in Killeen this fall:

Food Truck Fridays

One thing that you can count on during the Fall season in Killeen is food truck Fridays. This is an event that takes place in downtown Killeen and attracts quite a lot of people. There are different food trucks that set up every Friday. This allows tourists and residents the ability to try out different foods from local BBQ to more exotic cuisine. There are so many different types of foods that you can try out. People love coming back for more and you can count on food truck Fridays each and every week throughout the fall season.

Jazz Fest

Another popular event that takes place in Killeen every fall is the Jazz festival. This is an even that attracts a lot people and brings them all to this amazing city. This festival takes place in downtown Killeen and features some of the biggest names and bands in jazz. This even spans the entire weekend during October and is a great way to check out some amazing music. If you are a music lover looking for something different to do, it might be a good idea to visit Killeen this fall to see the jazz festival.


If you are a dog lover looking for a unique event to check out, you might really enjoy Barktoberfest. This is an event that takes place in Killeen October 10th and has been going on for a few years. Dog owners from all over the country travel to Killeen to show off their pooches. This event can be fun for the entire family.

All of these are upcoming events taking place in Killeen this fall season.