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5 Best Places to Watch Sports in Killeen, Texas

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5 Best Places to Watch Sports in Killeen, Texas

5 Best Places to Watch Sports in Killeen, Texas

With the strong military culture in the city, the fact that the city of Killeen is dotted with numerous bars and pubs for everyone is not surprising. One can choose from among many types of clubs to go to – it simply depends on the type of party being hosted or the event being attended. There are places for holding birthdays for adults, bachelor and bachelorette parties and, of course, for simply hanging out with friends – and endless mugs and bottles of beer – while watching sports on live television!

Below are a few suggestions on where to go:

  1. The Beat Sports Bar

This sports bar and karaoke place located in Rancier Plaza is among many locals’ favorite. Its moderate price range is among the many reasons why people love the place aside from its welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Aside from watching sports, one may also do sports here like play the pool.

  1. G&B Billiards and Sports Bar

G&B in Fort Hood Street may be frequented by military soldiers but it does not mean civilians cannot enjoy here, too. In fact, it’s a great place for watching one’s favorite sports live on TV or for hanging out with friends accompanied with a few rounds of beer and a game – or more – in the pool table.

  1. Hooters

Located along the Central Texas Expressway, the Hooters branch in Killeen is another great place for watching sports live. Its menu is moderately priced and one is served with American classics such as salads, wings, chili cheese fries and buffalo shrimp, among many others. What’s a better way to watch live sports with friends than being served with delicious, ice cold beer by sexy waitresses?

  1. Jokers Icehouse Bar and Grill

Another awesome sports bar to check out in Killeen is Jokers, located in Clear Creek Road. It is the perfect place for watching live sports on TV with friends and beer. Aside from the full bar, there place also has a patio with live music, picnic tables and area for playing pool. Everyone is definitely welcome here!

  1. Red’s Corner Grill

When one enters Red’s Corner Grill, they are pretty sure they just came into a sports bar. There are numerous televisions mounted all over the place and the food comes in big portions and great prices which is definitely a big plus. Great beer, great food and great ambience are what you are sure to get here.

Wherever one may be in Killeen, Texas, they are sure to find the perfect local sports bar that suit them best.

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