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How Old is Belton Lake?

How Old is Belton Lake?

There are many lakes all across the country that are breathtakingly beautiful, but also functional. Some of these lakes are naturally occurring, but there are other lakes that are man made. With so many lakes it is hard to keep track of them all, but Belton Lake located in Texas is one that is quite popular and easy to recognize. Lake Belton is a United States Army Reservoir that is on Leon River. It is located in Belton, Texas and it is overseen by the Fort Worth District of the United States Corps. Engineers.


The exact location of Belton Lake is about 16 miles upstream of Leon River. It is where the Leon and Little River converge. Not only is the lake located in Belton, Texas, but it is also in Temple, Texas as well. It stretches for many miles and also features more than 100 miles of shoreline. This is a lake that is known most for flood control within these counties.

How Old is Belton Lake?

When Was it Made?

Since Belton Lake is a reservoir and is manmade, it was constructed in 1954. Even though this lake was completed in 1954, the construction actually began years earlier in 1949. With numerous lakes surrounding Belton Lake, the conservation pool has been adjusted over the years to allow for adequate flood control when necessary. There is still a conservation pool at Belton Lake that is currently in place. The flood control act of 1954 is what was in place to establish this lake. The maximum level of this lake reached throughout the years was 634 msl in 1992 and the low level reached was 582 in 1978. This lake is not as old as many of the other lakes in Texas, but it does serve an important purpose.


Since this lake was manmade it does come with a cost. The cost of creating this lake for flood control was over seventeen million dollars. However, it was designed to help with flood control and cease the flooding that was occurring in these areas. Lake Belton was also designed to improve the fish and wildlife habitat and help with water conservation. Not only is it lake that offers many benefits, but it is also recreational and a popular site in Belton, Texas.

Belton Lake was made in 1954 after construction began in 1949 and it is still an integral part of texas and designed to help with flood prevention.

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9 Celebs that are from or spent time in Killeen

The city of Killeen Texas is located in Bell County, Texas. In 2010 the city census determined that there were 127,921 people living in it and this made it the 21st most populated city in the state of Texas. The Principal City or known as is the location of Fort Hood and the Metropolitan Statistical Area. There are many celebrities or famous people who were either raised here or lived here for a portion of time. Here are just a few of them.

amerieAmerie, the R&B singer lived in Killeen for sometime and attended the Ellison High School. Her father was stationed at Fort Hood for a brief time period therefore she lived here and attended school here.

The NFL Chicago Bear’s defensive tackle, Tommie Harris also attended school at the Ellison High School of Killeen Texas.

Tia Mowry and Tamera Mowry lived here for a short period of time while their father was stationed at Fort Hood. It was only a short time period. They are well known for their parts in the television series Sister, Sister. They have appeared in various movies as well. They are very well known to some and not known to others.penguin

The original Penguin on the original Batman series that aired on television in the 1960’s was from Killeen, Texas. He also played on the Rocky movie as the manager to Rocky. Burgess Meridith starred alongside Sylvester Stallone in Rocky.

Elvis Presley was stationed at Fort Hood for some time and is well known for all of his movies that he wears his uniform in. I’m surprised none of the videos were ever filmed at the base.

Burt Reynolds who is well known for his roles in movies such as Striptease where he plays a role with Demi Moore is also from this area. He lived in Killeen once when he was younger and therefore has an affiliation with Killeen.

tia-and-tamera-3_400x295_29Terry Ray who is known for his roles in American Football as well as Canadian football. The player for the Atlanta falcons and a role in the new England Patriots helps to win over the whole class team.

Another football player who attended school at Ellison high school for a short period of time is Michael Cummings who is the quarterback or was the quarterback of the Kansas Jayhawks.

As you can see there are a number of people who are well known and who have an affiliation with Killeen Texas.

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Killeen’s Growth

The city of Killeen, Texas is a shining example of growth in towns across the state of Texas. The recent economic indicators over the last decade has shown an upswing in Killeen, while the rest of the country cityofkilleenseems to be trapped in a quagmire of malaise. The growth within Killeen has been phenomenal and should be noted.

All of the economic indicators are trending upward for Killeen residents. The unemployment rate is currently down to six percent, much lower than the rest of the country and the trend is pointing towards a continued decline. Though most of the country, even other parts of Texas, suffered a rise in unemployment due to the economic crisis in 2008, Killeen has had the ability to stay ahead of the curve in that regard.

            Job growth is also stable with the most recent growth indicator putting job growth at nearly two percent. The job growth is predicted to grow over twenty percent in the next twenty years as Killeen has become a hub of activity with new businesses coming in all the time. Favorable tax rates and business friendly policies have encouraged companies to set up shop in Killeen and there is no reason to think things will change.

            There has also been an upswing in population growth. A booming economy and safe neighborhoods killeenhas made Killeen an ideal place to live and raise a family. The population has grown by nearly fifty percent in the last decade, nearly one hundred percent in the last quarter century. These numbers are not slowing down, and Killeen is ready to continue to expand to meet the needs of new residents.

            The city of Killeen has invested millions of dollars in infrastructure projects throughout the area. This has benefited the residents and improved their day to day lives. It has also spurred the infusion of new businesses to accommodate workers and supply the necessary materials. This combination has proved very fruitful for the residents and city of Killeen.

            The advance in Killeen’s technological and material investment is evident. New buildings and bridges, as well as roadways and other infrastructure, show this magnificently. This has helped bring in new businesses and lower the unemployment rate, which is predicted to decline gradually still over time. The improved infrastructure and booming economy in Killeen has helped spur a population boom over the last ten years that is trending to continue at at even greater pace. Killeen has become the epitome of a growing and thriving Texas city in the last decade.