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Finding Bars in Killeen

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Finding Bars in Killeen

Bars in Killeen

So, you’ve decided to spend the night exploring Killeen to find out more about the night life and maybe even get a piece of that beer magic. Killeen is a great place to find new hang out spots especially for those who want a good old beer.

There are lots of places to grab a drink with your friends down at Killeen, and they’re not all the same. If you’re interested in finding the best bar for you, then keep your eyes peeled for the best bars in Killeen.

Happy hour with a hippie twist

Down on Florence Road is a little place best known for its unique ambiance. With the best appetizers in town, this gem is tucked away in the inner streets of Killeen but has built a name for itself among locals. If you’re looking for a cool new place to hang out with your friends, then you should definitely give this place a go. With delicious food, unique beverages, and different people of all ages and backgrounds, it’s definitely more than just another bar. Take your drinking experience to a whole new level with this cool, hip place where you can feel like a real life hippie.

Snazzy sports bar

So you’re looking for something a little more mainstream, that’s no problem! Over on W. Rancier Place, you’ll find one of the hippest places Killeen has to offer. This sports bar is the place to be for all you socialites and groups of friends. Meet new people, enjoy your favourite sport, and have a great beer. You definitely won’t be disappointed with this unique drinking experience. Locals have called it one of the best places to hang out, and it definitely does not disappoint.

Saloon for the old soul

If you’re a little more old timey, and you want to enjoy your beer on a barstool with a kindly bartender nodding to your life stories, then maybe a little place down on Schlueter Loop is the place for you. Its authentic ambience, delicious food choices, and astounding beer make the place a great gem that’s definitely worth the visit.

Killeen is a great place to discover new places. If you’re interested in finding out more about the city, then put on those walking shoes and prowl the streets of Killeen. You’ll never know when you stumble upon the next big trend in food explorations.

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