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The Diversity of Killeen, Texas

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The Diversity of Killeen, Texas

The Diversity of Killeen, Texas

The Santa Fe Railway once ran through the central Texas and many of the wild areas of this region. When this railroad was purchased, the development of all the surrounding areas began. This was in the late 1800’s. The assistant manager at the railroad was named Frank Killeen and the development was named after him. Killeen remained all small town with construction and labor as main sources of employment until the 1950’s. The development of Fort Hood had a huge impact on Killeen, Texas as a whole.

Growing Population

Over the years, the population of Killeen, Texas has continued to grow as new industries and new cultures have been accepted within this region. In 1955 the population of Killeen was 21,000, but grew to 35,000 by 1970. By the 1980’s there were over 50,000 and recent census information shows that there are over 75,000 residents of Killeen, Texas currently. This means that more people are continuing to move to this region and become a part of Killeen culture. Killeen is known as the biggest city in all of Bell county due to its size and population.

1991 Killings

Killeen is currently known as a city with diverse culture and wide ranging opportunities, but this has been a long time coming. In 1991, the city of Killeen faced tragedy as there was a shooting in the city as George Henard went on a shooting spree after driving his truck into a diner and killed 23 people. He also injured 20 others. It was a devastating time for all living in this community at the time, but the city of Killeen eventually overcame this tragedy.


Killeen, Texas today is a big football town, but also so much more. There football team has won state championships on numerous occasions and it is also a city that is ranked as one of the fastest growing in the entire country. Not only is it a popular city in Texas, but it is known throughout the world. The culture and population of Killeen is very diverse and offers many opportunities for those people searching for employment. For this reason, Killeen is a city that many people relocate to and is known as one of the most popular places to live in all o Bell county.

Killeen, Texas has a large number of enlisted military residents and also saw a large number of residents killed during the war in Iraq.

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