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Top Multicultural Restaurants in Killeen

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Top Multicultural Restaurants in Killeen

Top Multicultural Restaurants in Killeen

This big city with a population of 100,000 may feel very small town-ish but you certainly will not run out of places to go or even restaurants to eat at. As a military city, it is not surprising why Killeen is dotted with bars and pubs offering traditional American fare but if you are in for something new and adventurous, you can always try one of their many multicultural restaurants.

Here are a few places you should check out:

Red Onion India Bistro

Located by the Central Texas Expressway, the Red Onion offers a variety of Indian cuisines such as curries and the popular Tikka Masala. You can also enjoy your favorite chai tea here or join in on the daily lunch buffet which is priced very reasonably.

Taiwan Dragon Chinese Restaurant

A lot of diners frequent Chinese spot located in E Avenue because of its great food. The modest, family-run restaurant offers Sichuan and Hunan style dishes and they are always served hot. The prices are in the modest range so it is basically a great deal to eat here.

Little Italy

For a taste of Italy right in Fort Hood Street, you can head on over to Little Italy where the best Italian desserts are being served. Loyal customers of the place love that the servers are very friendly and quick which is really just an added bonus to the fact that they serve the best Italian food in Killeen.

Korean Kitchen

If you feel like missing Korean food, why not take a drive to the Korean Kitchen found at the Veterans Memorial Boulevard? It is a great place to eat lunch and dinner and good food is always served in your table. This family-run dining place is racking up quite a lot of positive reviews both from new and old customers.

Taqueria Mexico Lindo

Tacos, fajitas – whatever Mexican food you might be craving for right now, Taqueria Mexico Lindo has it all for you. This Mexican place can be found in Fort Hood Street and has among the most authentic Mexican food in all of Killeen. Go now – and be surprised of the generous fillings that are served!

Texas Roadhouse Restaurant

Of course, nothing beats homegrown meals which are what the Texas Roadhouse has to offer. Found along the Central Texas Expressway, the restaurant is among the best places to enjoy a great steak in Killeen. If meat is what you are looking for, head on over to this place!

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