Visit Killeen, Texas

More to explore!

From family-friendly activities to dining and special events, Killeen has something for everyone.


There are so many things to do in Killeen you will never get bored.


Lakes, parks, sports facilities, an incredible waterpark, and more.


You won't be disappointed with all the fun family activities in Killeen.

Let's eat!

Fort Hood helps bring something to Killeen you won’t find anywhere else.  An incredible selection of unique and eclectic dining experiences. Plan a trip to Killeen and experience something new!


Unique food from all over the world.


Some of the best BBQ restaurants and Central Texas cuisine around.


You have to check out our food truck scene. 

Killeen Daytrips

Can’t decide what to do? Take a look at our pre-planned daytrips!

Upcoming Events

Killeen has numerous events throughout the year for the entire family. Concerts, festivals, sports leagues, community events, outdoor activities, we have it all!

Killeen, Texas

Located in Bell County, Killeen has grown rapidly with people from all over the world, thanks to Fort Hood. With the addition of the Texas A&M University Central Texas and homes being built at a rapid rate, Killeen is becoming one of the fastest growing cities in America. As the population grows, new businesses are pouring in.

Killeen is known as the neighbor of Fort Hood. The Killeen economy is heavily dependent on the Fort Hood post, soldiers and their families. American values are strong here.

Did you know that at one time, Elvis was stationed at Fort Hood and lived in Killeen.

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