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Killeen’s Growth

The city of Killeen, Texas is a shining example of growth in towns across the state of Texas. The recent economic indicators over the last decade has shown an upswing in Killeen, while the rest of the country cityofkilleenseems to be trapped in a quagmire of malaise. The growth within Killeen has been phenomenal and should be noted.

All of the economic indicators are trending upward for Killeen residents. The unemployment rate is currently down to six percent, much lower than the rest of the country and the trend is pointing towards a continued decline. Though most of the country, even other parts of Texas, suffered a rise in unemployment due to the economic crisis in 2008, Killeen has had the ability to stay ahead of the curve in that regard.

            Job growth is also stable with the most recent growth indicator putting job growth at nearly two percent. The job growth is predicted to grow over twenty percent in the next twenty years as Killeen has become a hub of activity with new businesses coming in all the time. Favorable tax rates and business friendly policies have encouraged companies to set up shop in Killeen and there is no reason to think things will change.

            There has also been an upswing in population growth. A booming economy and safe neighborhoods killeenhas made Killeen an ideal place to live and raise a family. The population has grown by nearly fifty percent in the last decade, nearly one hundred percent in the last quarter century. These numbers are not slowing down, and Killeen is ready to continue to expand to meet the needs of new residents.

            The city of Killeen has invested millions of dollars in infrastructure projects throughout the area. This has benefited the residents and improved their day to day lives. It has also spurred the infusion of new businesses to accommodate workers and supply the necessary materials. This combination has proved very fruitful for the residents and city of Killeen.

            The advance in Killeen’s technological and material investment is evident. New buildings and bridges, as well as roadways and other infrastructure, show this magnificently. This has helped bring in new businesses and lower the unemployment rate, which is predicted to decline gradually still over time. The improved infrastructure and booming economy in Killeen has helped spur a population boom over the last ten years that is trending to continue at at even greater pace. Killeen has become the epitome of a growing and thriving Texas city in the last decade.


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