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Pro Sports Players that are from Killeen

Killeen in Texas has produced several professional sportspersons over the years. Some are obviously less popular than others. Here is a sneak peek into the profiles of a few pro sports players that are from Killeen.

Tommie Harris Jr.

Tommie Harris Jr. is one of the most well known names from Killeen. Harris was born in Germany but was raised in Texas. He attended the Ellison High School and honed his skills during the formative years right here in Killeen. Harris grew up to be an excellent defensive tackle. He played eight seasons in NFL. While in college, Harris had represented the University of Oklahoma. He also played for San Diego Chargers and made it to the first round of Chicago Bear’s 2004 NFL Draft. Harris featured in the All-American consensus, twice. He was also selected for the Pro Bowl three times.

During his formative years, Tommie Harris Jr. was pegged as one the finest defensive high school prospects in the country. He was with the Ellison Eagles at the time. Tom Lemming, renowned recruiting analyst, had ranked Harris at 35 among all high school prospects in the country.

Harris played for Chicago Bear from 2004 through 2010. He was accorded the Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2004. He made it to the Pro Bowl for the first time in 2006. In 2008, Tommie Harris Jr. signed a deal with Chicago Bears for four years worth $40 million. It was a record deal at the time for a defensive tackle. The deal included $8.5 million Pro Bowl bonus, $2 million performance bonus and $17 million in guarantees. Over seven seasons, Harris played 104 games for the Chicago Bears and recorded 28.5 sacks and 213 tackles.

Darrol Anthony Ray

Darrol Anthony Ray was born in San Francisco and later went on to play football for the Jets. Ray’s father was in the army and had stints in Germany, Belgium and France. After living in Europe during his early years, Darrol Anthony Ray eventually attended Killeen High School after his family settled in Texas. Ray was a quarterback at high school and he also played soccer. Ray attended the University of Oklahoma and switched to playing defense. He played for Oklahoma Sooners, made it to the All Big Eight and also played in Senior, Hula, Fiesta Bowl and Orange.

Ray got drafted by the Jets in 1980. He played five seasons with the New York Jets before retiring. While Ray has several credits to his name, his record of returning an interception in a game with Cincinnati Bengals as long as 98 yards for a touchdown is the most memorable.

There are many other pro sports players from Killeen, ala Cory Jefferson, Terry Ray and Othello Henderson.


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