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Upcoming Events This Fall in Killeen

Upcoming Events This Fall in Killeen

There are some cities throughout the country that are known for just one thing, but Killeen, TX is not one of them. Killeen might be one of the largest military bases, but there is far more to do in see in this city than just check out the military history and tradition. There are quite a few events that take place every year in Killeen that draw in tourists. Fall is the most popular season for tourists to come check out all that Killeen has to offer. Before you plan your next trip, it might be a good idea to learn more about the upcoming events in Killeen this fall.

Here are a few upcoming events in Killeen this fall:

Food Truck Fridays

One thing that you can count on during the Fall season in Killeen is food truck Fridays. This is an event that takes place in downtown Killeen and attracts quite a lot of people. There are different food trucks that set up every Friday. This allows tourists and residents the ability to try out different foods from local BBQ to more exotic cuisine. There are so many different types of foods that you can try out. People love coming back for more and you can count on food truck Fridays each and every week throughout the fall season.

Jazz Fest

Another popular event that takes place in Killeen every fall is the Jazz festival. This is an even that attracts a lot people and brings them all to this amazing city. This festival takes place in downtown Killeen and features some of the biggest names and bands in jazz. This even spans the entire weekend during October and is a great way to check out some amazing music. If you are a music lover looking for something different to do, it might be a good idea to visit Killeen this fall to see the jazz festival.


If you are a dog lover looking for a unique event to check out, you might really enjoy Barktoberfest. This is an event that takes place in Killeen October 10th and has been going on for a few years. Dog owners from all over the country travel to Killeen to show off their pooches. This event can be fun for the entire family.

All of these are upcoming events taking place in Killeen this fall season.


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