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What Parks are in Killeen?

There is no dearth of outdoor fun and recreation in Killeen. There are several parks in Killeen and many state parks within short driving distances that would certainly keep you satiated throughout the year. From golf courses to convention centers, venues for parties to parks and recreation centers for the public, Killeen offers enough infrastructure for any and sundry.

Here is a concise list of the parks in Killeen.

  • Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area, also known as BLORA, is a haven for water sports, fishing, camping, boating, swimming, horseback riding, scuba diving and you can also just laze for a few hours. It is one of the most popular attractions among tourists and a favorite of the residents in and around Killeen. BLORA is also known for bird watching and the scenic setting courtesy Chalk Ridge Falls and Miller Springs Nature Center.
  • Temple Lake Park is another very popular site. Just next to Belton Lake, sitting on the southern shore, Temple Lake Park offers more than sixty sites for picnic and outdoor events. You can indulge in boating, fishing, there is a swim beach, a playground and you can even cook the prized white bass, largemouth bass or striped bass that you catch. The site also has basketball and volleyball courts. Drinking water or flush toilets and showers are all attended to at the site.
  • Stillhouse Park sits on the shore of Stillhouse Hollow Lake. It is another favorite picnic spot. The site offers fishing, swimming and basketball. Large green and grass tracts of the park and the fishing expedition to catch some largemouth or smallmouth bass in the clear deep waters of the lake are some of the highlights of the place. You can also engage in a ride on kayaks, canoes and motor boats if you want. The site is a haven for birdwatchers as you can spot some great blue herons, hawks and bobwhite quail among others. Birding is a perennial attraction here.
  • Killeen is also home to two bike and hike trails. In and around Killeen, you would find several state parks. There is Mother Neff State Park at about twenty one miles north east of Killeen. Longhorn Cavern State Park is about sixty miles from Killeen to the south. Inks Lake State Park is to the southwest, at a distance of about sixty miles. Colorado Bend State Park is again about sixty miles to the west. Buescher State Park is around eight miles to the southeast.


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