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Can I Get There In A Day?

When it comes to great things about Killeen TX, one of those items would have to be its location. From its place in Central Texas, you’re going to find that Killeen can connect you to other significant parts of Texas with relative ease. Whether you want to check out Waco TX, Dallas TX, or even Houston TX (which features the AMAZING Downtown Houston area), you will find that from Killeen TX, getting to any of these places is fairly straightforward.

By the same token, you will also love that if you are in one of those areas mentioned above, getting to Killeen is a pretty simple task.

What’s Around Killeen TX?

Texas might be huge, but at the end of the day, it’s still just a state. Central Texas has the benefit of making it easy enough to get to some of the larger cities. For example, if you want to hit Austin to check out the SXSW Festival, and you happen to be in Killeen that weekend, you can get to Austin in hardly any time at all. One of the most unique, exciting cities in Texas is just seventy miles from Killeen. In terms of major cities in Texas near Killen, Austin is probably the closest. However, it is worth keeping in mind that Waco TX is a little under sixty miles from Killeen.

At the same time, you can still get to other major cities in Texas without too much trouble. From the north, Dallas is just a little over 150 miles from Killeen. Depending on traffic, you should be able to make the trek from one to the other in about three hours. On a really good day, you can travel from Killeen to Dallas in about two and a half hours.

If you would like to make your way over to Houston, you’ll find yourself dealing with a decent bit of driving. Even so, Houston is only about 190 miles from Killeen. Depending on the route that you decide to take, the distance between Houston and Killeen can be as much as two hundred miles. San Antonio and San Marco aren’t too far from Killeen either. San Antonio can be reached via car in about two and half hours, coming in for a total of about 160 miles. San Marco is even closer, coming in at around 100 miles, and it’s on the same route as San Antonio.

Killeen TX definitely delivers an ideal location.


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