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Why you should check out the Planetarium in Killeen?

If you live in Killeen or somewhere in Bell County, then you must have heard of the Mayborn Science Theater, aka the Planetarium in Killeen. You should check it out and once you are satiated, it could become a monthly or occasional ritual. If you are a tourist, then you should drive down to the Central Texas College and indulge in a few shows or tours.

The Planetarium in Killeen is not just for kids. Sure, if you have kids aged three or younger and if you are in the military, then you can save a lot of money on the tickets but even adults have a great deal of fun at the Mayborn Science Theater.

Let us check out some of the reasons why you should visit the Planetarium in Killeen, TX.

• The Planetarium has daily, weekly, monthly and annual shows. There is never a dull day here. You can sign up for the laser shows, the trivia karaoke, experience the hurricane machine or just be a star gazer. Holiday seasons obviously have jam-packed schedules but you would find something interesting almost every day of the year. For instance, there are the matinees which are daily shows through the afternoon. If you want to experience more than one show, then there are tickets offering three at the price of one, there are membership programs and specials to make the entire association affordable and rewarding for you.

• The matinees are great for a baby’s day out. The matinees are held on weekdays. These are afternoon shows so they are ideal for stay at home moms and the little kids. It can be an excursion in the middle of the day, with less traffic around. The lazing afternoon hours can become thrillingly satiating.

• There are weekend shows, usually on Friday evenings and from the morning on Saturdays. The schedule for weekend shows keep changing throughout the year. You can check the schedule and choose something that entices you.

• Laser Friday is one of the most popular attractions in Killeen. It is a monthly event, on a chosen Friday when you can take your entire family for an outing and enjoy a spectacular assortment of laser shows.

• The Night Sky Tour with Warren Hart who is the resident astronomer so to speak is an amazing adventure. You get to marvel at the night sky, learn about constellations and individual stars, you get a prediction of what the night sky would look like the next month and you obviously get some lessons on astronomy.


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