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What cities are within a few hours from Killeen? Can I get there in a day?

Killeen is in Central Texas. Naturally, it has close proximity to all major cities across the state. The nearest is of course Austin but Dallas and Houston or San Antonio and San Marcos aren’t far either. In fact, all major cities and metropolitan areas in Texas are within a driving distance from Killeen.

Let us first check the distances from Killeen to the major cities.

  • Dallas is 152 miles from Killeen to the north and it takes up to three hours to drive. If the traffic is scarce then the ride would take around two and a half hours.
  • Houston is around 190 miles from Killeen or 200 miles depending on the route you take. It would take you a little more than three hours to drive from Killeen, westward to Houston along US-290 W and on TX-36 N.
  • Austin is around 70 miles from Killeen to the south. You could have a slightly shorter or longer drive depending on the route you take. You can reach Austin in around an hour. If the traffic is substantial, you may be on the road for about an hour and a half.
  • San Antonio is around 160 miles from Killeen, further south from Austin along the same route. It would take around two and a half hours. The intersecting traffic when you are reaching San Antonio can prolong the ride for some ten or fifteen minutes.
  • San Marcos is closed to Killeen than San Antonio. It is around 100 miles from Killeen along the same route. San Marcos is almost midway between Austin and San Antonio. A drive from Killeen to San Marcos would take around an hour and a half.

As you can see, you can reach Austin, San Antonio and obviously San Marcos in a day. You can also return the same day if you don’t have to spend twelve hours or so. Dallas and Houston are relatively far when you consider the proximal cities but the drives are possible if you just have a day. Up to three hours drives for a one way trip or even six hours for a round trip can be embarked upon in a day.

The drives to and from Killeen are convenient as well since you don’t have to deal through many city roads. Although they are arterial roads, most are highways or freeways and you can have a quick and smooth drive to these places from Killeen and back.


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